A Nicer Cup of Tea

For a brief period in the early twentieth century, God himself descendent from the heavens and took on a mortal form. In this guise, he adopted the name George Orwell. When not starting fights with wildlife and Oxford professors, George Orwell loved nothing more than A Nice Cup of Tea. In an articled published in… Continue reading A Nicer Cup of Tea

Consistency is for Cowards; Hypocrisy for Heroes: A Literature Review

When Diogenes of Sinope walked through the streets of Athens with a lit lamp in his hand, he was said to be seeking an honest man. Instead, to his dismay, all he found was scoundrels. In a rather different way, Hubert J. Watergipridget also sought out virtue and honesty in its purest form. Where he… Continue reading Consistency is for Cowards; Hypocrisy for Heroes: A Literature Review

The Sorry Affair of Watergipridget and Orwell

In the past I have written about the life of the relatively unknown author Hubert J. Watergipridget. Being unknown, not many people know much about him. That is why he is unknown and not known. Those words, though sharing five letters, are polar opposites of one another. In a similar fashion, Hubert J. Watergipridget often… Continue reading The Sorry Affair of Watergipridget and Orwell