Boo, Authority. Boo!

I have an issue with authority. Not in the sense that I am some hardened criminal who regularly flouts the law; though, if I were, I would not mention that in such a public setting. No: when it comes to me, I have a simple dislike of being told what to do. Sometimes I still… Continue reading Boo, Authority. Boo!

On the Origins of Namesies

For some unknown reason there are people out there who to wish know what their ancestors were like. Who Do You Think You Are? remains popular well into its seventeenth series (or season, if you’re an American). Barely five minutes passes on the television before something pops up from Ancestry wherein some man with a… Continue reading On the Origins of Namesies

The Museum in the Marina

Not pictured: the animals filling the Ark with all manner of smells. For the past three months the Orwell Quay in Ipswich has been the berthing place of the Verhalen Ark, a floating museum replica of Noah’s Ark. Inside this museum there is, among other things, models and displays of Adam and Eve (or Eva,… Continue reading The Museum in the Marina

Bookmarks, Bookshelves and Writing Prompts

On my bookshelf there is a book of writing prompts. I did not buy this myself. It was a Valentine’s Day gift given by a former flame. Along with this she bought me a bookmark in the shape of the Loch Ness Monster and a pin badge in the shape of a typewriter which has… Continue reading Bookmarks, Bookshelves and Writing Prompts

The Time I Accidentally Defenestrated Myself by Falling Out of a Second Floor Window at a House Party.

With each passing day it becomes more and more obvious to me that fame will forever elude me. I have no issue with this. I have written many times about my desire to remain anonymous. What I do lament is that often with fame comes riches. Thus, as the logic goes, with no fame comes… Continue reading The Time I Accidentally Defenestrated Myself by Falling Out of a Second Floor Window at a House Party.