How Gameshows Reveal the Sorry State of the British Public

British television is a constant topic of debate in my house. As I live alone, however, this means that most of these debates revolve around me standing in front of a mirror discussing that day’s episode of Jeremy Kyle. When people talk about the sensationalism found in modern television in showing the decay of society,Continue reading “How Gameshows Reveal the Sorry State of the British Public”

Those Damnable Nationwide Adverts

Several days ago I read an article by someone whose name I now forget yet have no desire to look up who wrote of the extreme anger they felt towards the man in the PlusNet adverts. At the time I thought this was nothing more than the ramblings of a mad person struggling to dealContinue reading “Those Damnable Nationwide Adverts”

Knife or Death: A Review

The History Channel has taken on somewhat of an ironic name. Indeed, someone who had the foresight to write about the channel several years before I had the sense to learn to read and write dubbed it The Hitler Channel. Outside of the ever-increasing catalogue of documentaries about Hitler and World War II, there isContinue reading “Knife or Death: A Review”