The Life and Works of Hubert J. Watergipridget

Hubert J. Watergipridget remains a still somewhat unknown author. Yet his body of work remains as influential as ever.

Dating Hubert J. Watergipridget’s Most Famous Work

Of the short stories, poems, novels, articles, and essays written by Hubert J. Watergipridget, it is perhaps The Room With The Light On Even Though It Was The Middle Of The Day that is most open to interpretation. Adding to the confusion is the prevailing assumption that it is not known precisely when Watergipridget satContinue reading “Dating Hubert J. Watergipridget’s Most Famous Work”

The House with the Light on Even Though It Was the Middle of the Day

This is a short story written by (un)renowned author Hubert J. Watergipridget. I like it so much that I have uploaded it for your enjoyment. Enjoy. In the rather odd town of Oddington, Burnell Manor is considered something of an oddity. For a house to be viewed as odd in a town known and namedContinue reading “The House with the Light on Even Though It Was the Middle of the Day”

The Tedious Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a cultural phenomenon. It seems that is impossible to go your life without experiencing his gothic novella in some medium or other. Off the top of my head, I have seen various TV adapatations of the story, with actors such as James Nesbitt,Continue reading “The Tedious Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”

Consistency is for Cowards; Hypocrisy for Heroes: A Literature Review

When Diogenes of Sinope walked through the streets of Athens with a lit lamp in his hand, he was said to be seeking an honest man. Instead, to his dismay, all he found was scoundrels. In a rather different way, Hubert J. Watergipridget also sought out virtue and honesty in its purest form. Where heContinue reading “Consistency is for Cowards; Hypocrisy for Heroes: A Literature Review”