Contrary to National Stereotypes, I Have No Desire to Discuss the Weather.

A few days ago, EntirelyForced posted a blog. This itself is not a shock. This is, after all, a website that leans towards blogging. What was a surprise, for this particular poster, was that I agreed with the bulk of his statements. Not all, of course; his penchant for wearing odd socks marks him as… Continue reading Contrary to National Stereotypes, I Have No Desire to Discuss the Weather.

Trending Trends

I am a slave to trends. Though I may push the image of a contrarian on the outskirts of society, I, like every other outsider, wish for nothing else than to fit in. Conforming seems such an easier way to live life. Doing what other people say without fuss or bother, and being rewarded for… Continue reading Trending Trends

Bookmarks, Bookshelves and Writing Prompts

On my bookshelf there is a book of writing prompts. I did not buy this myself. It was a Valentine’s Day gift given by a former flame. Along with this she bought me a bookmark in the shape of the Loch Ness Monster and a pin badge in the shape of a typewriter which has… Continue reading Bookmarks, Bookshelves and Writing Prompts

The Time I Accidentally Defenestrated Myself by Falling Out of a Second Floor Window at a House Party.

With each passing day it becomes more and more obvious to me that fame will forever elude me. I have no issue with this. I have written many times about my desire to remain anonymous. What I do lament is that often with fame comes riches. Thus, as the logic goes, with no fame comes… Continue reading The Time I Accidentally Defenestrated Myself by Falling Out of a Second Floor Window at a House Party.

Celebrity Spotting in Ipswich Town

How do we explain the phenomenon of celebrity spotting? What is the biological, psychological or, indeed, metaphysical reasoning behind the response—that jolt in the senses—that comes with seeing someone who lives in the public eye? Is it a feeling akin to passing by a friend or an acquaintance—a neurological response indicating that you know this… Continue reading Celebrity Spotting in Ipswich Town

Those Damnable Nationwide Adverts

Several days ago I read an article by someone whose name I now forget yet have no desire to look up who wrote of the extreme anger they felt towards the man in the PlusNet adverts. At the time I thought this was nothing more than the ramblings of a mad person struggling to deal… Continue reading Those Damnable Nationwide Adverts

When Did I Become Old?

People are living longer these days, which is a sad fact in itself. Medical progress, technological developments and improved standards of living have done their best to stop people answering the sweet call of Death. Every year, the number of centenarians increases. One-hundred is the new eighty, seventy the new fifty. The forties want to… Continue reading When Did I Become Old?

Patrick, Patrick McGoohan

I am ninety years old. I am sitting in my favourite chair, the one by the window overlooking the horizon of the Suffolk coastline. Due to soil erosion, the coast is now on my doorstep. At my side is my granddaughter, whom was named after her mother, my daughter. The Younger is taking time out… Continue reading Patrick, Patrick McGoohan