How Gameshows Reveal the Sorry State of the British Public

British television is a constant topic of debate in my house. As I live alone, however, this means that most of these debates revolve around me standing in front of a mirror discussing that day’s episode of Jeremy Kyle. When people talk about the sensationalism found in modern television in showing the decay of society,Continue reading “How Gameshows Reveal the Sorry State of the British Public”

A Perfect Slice of Banana Bread

Over the course of my soon-to-be twenty-nine years on this planet I have eaten many slices of banana bread. I have eaten other foods in that time too—but none of them have brought me as much joy as banana bread. This is perhaps why, despite not yet having reached thirty, I resemble Robert Paulson. UnlikeContinue reading “A Perfect Slice of Banana Bread”

Historiography and the Rise of Docudramas

The age of documentary is over. Docudrama is the new king. No longer is it acceptable for a tweed-wearing Classicist to wander the halls of famous houses and abbeys, to trek across battlesites, to sit in archives holding deteriorating binders of yellowing pages of fading ink. Simple facts are not sexy. To tell history isContinue reading “Historiography and the Rise of Docudramas”

Celebrity Spotting in Ipswich Town

How do we explain the phenomenon of celebrity spotting? What is the biological, psychological or, indeed, metaphysical reasoning behind the response—that jolt in the senses—that comes with seeing someone who lives in the public eye? Is it a feeling akin to passing by a friend or an acquaintance—a neurological response indicating that you know thisContinue reading “Celebrity Spotting in Ipswich Town”

The Madness of Enjoying The Mask of Zorro

I recently wrote an article in which I expressed a fondness for the film Highlander. This, I thought, was a rather uncontroversial statement. Especially in light of my call for the government to effectively mug international students. Yet, to my dismay, it was this assertion that Highlander is an enjoyable film that met with theContinue reading “The Madness of Enjoying The Mask of Zorro”

Oh Highlander, you perfect movie you

Why does the sun come up? Or are the stars just pin holes in the curtain of night, who knows? What I do know is that because you were born different, men will fear you… try to drive you away like the people of your village. Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez Highlander is a film thatContinue reading “Oh Highlander, you perfect movie you”

The Decline of the Local Museum

It seems a revolutionary idea in this day and age to think that your local museum should have a focus on local history. Your local history, your local culture, the development of the town in which you live and how it came to be—all of these things are important. And yet, museums in towns upContinue reading “The Decline of the Local Museum”

The Cap on Tuition Fees in the United Kingdom

Taking a short break from its quest to be the most incompetent administration in the country’s history, the current government of the United Kingdom has today published the Augar Review, the long-awaited report on the state of tuition fees. In it, Augar suggests the cost of university tuition to be cut from its current costContinue reading “The Cap on Tuition Fees in the United Kingdom”

Soup, Soup, the Magical Doup

If nothing else, I am a man of habit. Changes in my routine only come about when I am at wits end and must change something or risk becoming homeless. Even then I will resists until the bailiffs are drilling out the locks on my door. As such, my routine has been consistent for mostContinue reading “Soup, Soup, the Magical Doup”

Banana Bread: A Panegyric

Of all the foods in the world that I have eaten, it is fair to say that I prefer banana bread the most. I think that is also safe to say that when it comes to banana bread, I am quite the fan. It is a love affair that began when I was eight orContinue reading “Banana Bread: A Panegyric”