Banana Bread: A Panegyric

Of all the foods in the world that I have eaten, it is fair to say that I prefer banana bread the most.

I think that is also safe to say that when it comes to banana bread, I am quite the fan. It is a love affair that began when I was eight or nine, the first time I ever had some of that sweet banana-ery loaf. It was made by my grandmother, this particular loaf, during the free time before her hopping from one cult to another. She had some bananas going spare, she said, and her spiritual leader at that time had recently outlawed the consumption of bananas in the fear that Be’nanner the Accursed would return to the world via increasing levels of potassium. As a result, she baked them all into a bread and foisted them off on me and my family. I must say that now looking back on this it seems rather unethical of her to risk her grandchildren’s souls. But I didn’t think of that at the time; instead, I did what I was told I had to do: thank her for the gift, then close the door as quickly as I could before she begin her recruitment pitch.

Back then I was just a stupid boy, unawares of the knowledge that bread came in any other flavour than bread flavour–white bread flavour at that. The idea of a banana bread confused and appalled me–but I was hungry so I cut off a slice and took a bite. And what a bite it was. I do not possess the lexiconical capacity to provide verisimilitude with explicit elucidity the sensation expressing itself within the confines of my orifice, but it tasted nice.

I was hooked like an addict from that moment on. Now all I do is make banana bread, regularly upping the dosage of banana that is to be added to the mix. Sometimes I add other spices and flavours: I swap out normal butter for almond butter, add in some cinammon, sprinkle in some other spice, change milk to butter milk, and so on. It is a veritable speedball of flavours. I half-imagine my death will be me found in some cheap hotel room surrounded by flour and salted butter. In a way, I welcome it.

The scent of cinnamon floats through my house. It is not because I have those weird scented candles but because I currently have a banana bread in the oven. It has peanut butter chips in it too, a hint of vanilla and honey, and baked and glazed banana, an experiment I am trying for the first time to try to enhance the natural flavours of the banana. When it is cooled I will eat it and enjoy it with perhaps a cup of tea or a hot chocolate.

I’m beginning to understand why I’m so fat. 

Published by Lovatt

I write, when I remember. I paint, when I bother.

4 thoughts on “Banana Bread: A Panegyric

  1. I wish I can also say the same when it comes to banana bread. Haha. I don’t eat bananas in general but reading this made me a bit hungry I might actually want a banana bread. Hahaha. šŸ˜Š

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