How Gameshows Reveal the Sorry State of the British Public

British television is a constant topic of debate in my house. As I live alone, however, this means that most of these debates revolve around me standing in front of a mirror discussing that day’s episode of Jeremy Kyle. When people talk about the sensationalism found in modern television in showing the decay of society, … Continue reading How Gameshows Reveal the Sorry State of the British Public

Sachsen-Anhalt, Henry the Fowler and the ‘Founding’ of Germany

Brush up on your German history.


On one of my first days in Sachsen-Anhalt I was introduced to a German man whom had in his youth lived for a time in Kent. During our introduction he asked me if I was English—to which I answered that I was—and told me about his love for Leeds Castle and English history in general. He then asked if I knew anything of the history of Sachsen-Anhalt. After telling him that I did not, he told me at length the history of the State and Germany in general.

At least, I think he did. The entire conversation was in German and I had no idea what he was saying beyond asking if I was English and the words ‘Leeds Castle,’ ‘Quedlinburg,’ ‘König,’ and ‘Sachsen-Anhalt’. If I were fluent in German at that time—or if we had spoken in English—, I am sure that this is what he was saying:


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Celebrity Spotting in Ipswich Town

How do we explain the phenomenon of celebrity spotting? What is the biological, psychological or, indeed, metaphysical reasoning behind the response—that jolt in the senses—that comes with seeing someone who lives in the public eye? Is it a feeling akin to passing by a friend or an acquaintance—a neurological response indicating that you know this … Continue reading Celebrity Spotting in Ipswich Town