How Gameshows Reveal the Sorry State of the British Public

British television is a constant topic of debate in my house. As I live alone, however, this means that most of these debates revolve around me standing in front of a mirror discussing that day’s episode of Jeremy Kyle. When people talk about the sensationalism found in modern television in showing the decay of society, … Continue reading How Gameshows Reveal the Sorry State of the British Public

Sachsen-Anhalt, Henry the Fowler and the ‘Founding’ of Germany

Brush up on your German history.


On one of my first days in Sachsen-Anhalt I was introduced to a German man whom had in his youth lived for a time in Kent. During our introduction he asked me if I was English—to which I answered that I was—and told me about his love for Leeds Castle and English history in general. He then asked if I knew anything of the history of Sachsen-Anhalt. After telling him that I did not, he told me at length the history of the State and Germany in general.

At least, I think he did. The entire conversation was in German and I had no idea what he was saying beyond asking if I was English and the words ‘Leeds Castle,’ ‘Quedlinburg,’ ‘König,’ and ‘Sachsen-Anhalt’. If I were fluent in German at that time—or if we had spoken in English—, I am sure that this is what he was saying:


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